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Cookies are small portions of texts containing information that a server can send to browsers and computers, smartphones or any other users’ device every time they visit a website or a social network. The same server that registered them will read the cookies in the device to get any kind of information needed.

Here are 2 different types of cookies:

  • permanent (persistent cookies): they stay on the computer until the user won’t delete them
  • temporary (session cookies): they will be deactivated when the browser will be shut

Cookies can be of different type also according to the use they are created for:

  • profiling cookies: they are used to collect information and data on the users in order to send them advertisements and promotions
  • technical cookies: they are used with the only aim to transmit information on an electronic communication web or to provide the user with a service specifically requested by them. It’s cookies that are necessary to the site to work or to implement actions requested by the user.

Here are different types of technical cookies:

  • analytics cookies, directly used by the website master in order to collect statistics about the aggregated number of users and how these surf the website itself,
  • session or surfing cookies,
  • functionality cookies, which allow the user to surf the site based on selected criteria (for example the language, or the chosen products for their purchase), in order to improve the service offered to the users themsleves

“Third parties cookies”: these are cookies belonging to websites or servers that are different than the Owner’s ones, which are used by these third parties for other purposes: profiling cookies can be third parties cookies. These third parties are indipendent owners of the data collected through the cookies they use; the user must therefore follow their own personal data, information and agreement management policies (selection and de-selection of such cookies), as specified in the Provvedimento Generale of 8th May 2014: “Identification of the simplified means to inform and obtain agreement on the use of the cookies”.

How do we use cookies

We use cookies on our webiste to improve the user’s surfing experience and to monitor their choices for statistic purposes.

Following will be all third parties cookies present on our website (or in services connected to it). If you wish to receive more infomration on these cookies and how to disable them, please follow the links in the tables you see below.

Technical cookies for third services functioning

Google Maps, privacy policy
Google Analytics, privacy policy
AdWords campaigns conversion calculation, privacy policy

Social media sharing cookies:

Facebook, privacy policy
Google+, privacy policy
Instagram, privacy policy

We use some video reproduction or presentationn services on our website that may be subject to the use of third parties cookies, especially:

YouTube, privacy policy

How to disable cookies

The user can limit, block or delete cookies by changing the settings on their web browser. The procedure may vary slightly according to the type of browser used. For more detailed instructions, please click on the link of your own browser.

If the browser is not among the ones suggested, please select “Help” on your browser to get instructions on how to proceed.

If all or some of the cookies get disabled the Site, some services or some functions in the Site may not be fully available or may not function properly. The use may be forced to modify or insert some information or preferences manually every time they will visit the Site.

For more information about cookies please contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By accepting the cookies on the website the user agrees to let us use them for information collection and elaboration purposes.

(updated 5th September 2018)

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